Civil Works

• Earthwork projects like capping landfills, reshaping flood-prone areas and building new levees
• Bridges, from basic roadway crossings to massive bridges
• Canals and river stabilization or widening projects, for both shipping and recreational goals
• Wastewater treatment plants, holding tanks, settlement ponds, and other essential processing structures
• Railroads, including tracks for light rail, high speed, and streetcar systems growing in popularity
• Airports, ports, and other major transportation hubs
• Dams and corresponding reservoir tanks or lakes, including systems designed for power generation
• Roadways, ranging from simple-level residential streets to complex overpasses and tunnels
• Adhering to the guidelines created by the government, local bodies and clients when planning, creating and maintaining infrastructure
• Tendering the contracts and hire contractors
• Creating cost estimates and contracts
• Creating infrastructure plans and having these approved by governing bodies and local authorities
• Studying, evaluating and investigating the land and building sites suitable for the possible creation of infrastructure
• Liaising with governments, clients and other professionals
• Supervising and monitoring the construction of the infrastructure to ensure it matches the plan

Mechanical Work

  1. Cross Country Pipelaying works:
  •  We undertake execution of cross-country pipeline projects on EPC basis, involving laying of pipeline all sizes including OFC, horizontal direct drilling (HDD), testing, pre commissioning and commissioning of pipelines.
  1. Structural works:
  • All type of fabrication for plant works like oil & Gas sector and fertilizers etc. In this work involves design for detail drawing, purchase of materials, cutting, bending, fabrication and erection of structure.
  • External painting involves grid blasting and painting as per specifications.
  1. Station Piping:
  • MTO of as per ISO Drawings, Materials identification, fabrication, documentation for fit-up report, welding, weld visual, radiography for pipe joints and erections.
  • Follows as per specification of works i.e ASME, API, B 31.4

Electrical work

  • Underground cable laying for HT & LT Cables, joint kits, cable trench, backfilling as per specification.
  • Chemical Earthing, GI Strip laying and all type of earthing’s.
  • Construction of all type of substation like indoor and outdoor units.
  • All type of panels supplies and installations.
  • Industrial UPS supply and installation, Commissions as per load calculations.
  • Remote operated valves installation and commissions.
  • All type of highway lighting for supply and installation, commission as per specification.


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